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Group Rentals of our Retreat & Conference Center 

Cathedral Pines Baptist Camp is available for rent by churches, not-for-profit organizations, and schools.

Our prices are $28 for overnight.

Meal prices are $10 for Breakfast, $11 for Lunch, $12 for Dinner.

Prices are per person.

Please contact the Camp Exec for the cost of a specific event.


Learn more about our Rental Facilities and Accommodations

Looking for an organized event? Check out our upcoming camps and retreats.

About Cathedral Pines Christian Conference Center

Located in central Idaho, our Christian retreat facilities are great for groups small and large. We can accommodate groups as small as 30 and as large as 150 people. Our retreat center is perfect for churches and schools looking to organize their own group retreats for youth groups, adults, families, men, and women. Learn more about Cathedral Pines.

Conference Center Accommodations and Facilities

The Chapel and Dining Hall meeting spaces provide versatile multi-use areas, as well as open spaces outdoors for assembly and field activities for small group and large group meetings. We provide a stocked Nurse's Cabin for your group's nurse to care for any ill or injured campers. Our restroom and shower facilities are kept clean and stocked, and our cabins and lodging facilities are comfortable and warm for all of your overnight guest needs.

Our Chapel is a large, multi-use building with a beautiful view of Boulder Mountain soaring up above the quaking aspen. The loft area serves as a game room with various games, such as foosball and air hockey tables. It is equipped with a sound system. Piano, keyboard and drum set are available to use.

The Sawtooth Grill is our dining hall. Our kitchen staff works tirelessly to provide delicious meals, above and beyond standard camp fare, for up to 200 people. The large dining hall can be cleared of tables, and there is a cozy fireside area perfect for sitting and visiting.

Our cabins are located to either side of our central facilities. There are 6 on the east side and 6 more on the west side. The cabins have beds for 148 campers, with vinyl mattresses, lights, and a heater. In addition to the cabins, we also provide comfortable accommodations for camp directors, speakers, and other staff, as well as RV sites for guests who want to bring their own accommodations.​

Contact us to learn more and to check on availability for your special upcoming event.

Upcoming Organized Christian Camps & Retreats

We also provided organized Christian retreats and youth camps for teens and kids looking to spend a week or a weekend away at camp. Our youth retreats and summer camps provide a great outdoor environment for teens to learn more about our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. If you are looking for organized Christian summer camps and retreats, please check out our Upcoming Events.

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