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The Churches of the Idaho Baptist Convention are being called together for the Convention’s annual meeting.  The meeting will be held Saturday, September 12, 2020, at 7:00 p.m.

Due to the COVID-19 virus this year’s meeting will be held online through Zoom Cloud Meeting.  The invitation to join the meeting is below.

The meeting will feature reports about the Convention ministries and revisions to the Convention by-laws. These revisions are noted in the enclosed by-law document. The italicized text would be added and the strikeout text removed. 


From our by-laws relating to delegates:

Article III – Membership

Section 1.        The constituency of the Idaho Baptist Convention shall be all churches in Southern Idaho, Eastern Oregon, and Northern Nevada which are members of Mission Northwest.

Section 2.        “Voting Delegates” to any duly called “Meeting of the Idaho Baptist Convention” shall be from member churches of the Idaho Baptist Convention. Each church shall be entitled to three (3) Voting Delegates for its first one hundred (100) members or fewer, one of which may be the pastor. For each additional one hundred (100) members or fraction thereof, a church will be entitled to one (1) additional Voting Delegate.


In His Service,

Bob Hopper,

IBC Trustees Chairman

Agenda for Annual Meeting

Proposed By-Law


Idaho Baptist Convention

Cathedral Pines Baptist Camp and Easley Hot Springs are owned and operated by the Idaho Baptist Convention. 

The Convention constituency is comprised of all churches in Southern Idaho, Eastern Oregon, and Northern Nevada which are members of the American Baptist Churches of the Northwest. 

Management of the camp facilities and program are delegated to the Idaho Baptist Convention Board of Trustees. The Board consists of fifteen members serving three year terms. The focus of the Board is divided into four committees: Church, Operations, Personnel, and Program/Promotions.

Have you considered serving on the Board of Trustees? 

Board of Trustees

2020 Trustees, committee assignments and local church:

  • Bob Hopper, Chairman, First Baptist Jerome

  • Phil Anderson, Program/Promotions, Idaho Falls

  • Mike Aoi, Operations, First Baptist Shoshone

  • Shane Garrison, Operations, First Baptist Castleford

  • Ashley Herrin, Program/Promotions, First Baptist Filer

  • Trent Jones, Program/Promotions, First Baptist New Plymouth

  • Thomas Klein, Secretary & Program/Promotions, First Baptist, Filer & Castleford

  • Stacey Lucich, Personnel, First Baptist Twin Falls

  • Jack Spellerberg, Treasurer & Personnel, First Baptist, Jerome

  • Jordan Stebbins, Program/Promotions, First Baptist, Twin Falls

  • Dick Sullender, Program/Promotions, First Baptist, Jerome

  • Rudy Bauder, Church & Manager, First Baptist, Jerome

Board Members may be contacted through

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