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About Our 2021 Programs

This year we are commemorating the 100 years of history that have led to today’s camp. Though the official celebrations have been postponed until the COVID related environment better permits, our focus this summer recognizes the reason why Cathedral Pines has built a century of ministry that still continues. The ministry is one which lasts because the God and Gospel it serves are unchanging. Therefore, we are articulating this truth as expressed in Hebrews 13:8 - Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

The theme for 2021 is “Yesterday, Today, and Forever.” We will focus on the person of Jesus and the continuity of His Gospel throughout all time.

Winter Camp theme will be “Yesterday – Jesus the promise of the Old Testament.”

Summer camp theme will be “Today – Jesus the Confidence of the Church.”

Fall Rally theme will be “Forever – Jesus the Hope for Eternity.”

Our objectives are to increase our campers’ realization of the nature of Jesus, challenge them to a close relationship with Him, and build their comprehension of the Bible as a singular story of the Gospel.

Come joining us in writing this year's chapter of Cathedral Pines legacy and of His-story! Click the banners below to register for events. 

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Women's Spring Gathering

All ladies are invited to join us for a weekend of spiritual growth, mutual encouragement, and fellowship over a variety of activities. 

The teaching will be from the theme of
1 Timothy 1:5-7 on how to "Fan the Flame" of your spiritual gifts. 

Registration begins Friday June 11 at 11am and departure is Sunday June 13 before lunch. Meals include Friday lunch through Sunday breakfast. 

Contact us for questions. 

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Campers will enjoy a variety of activities that may include hiking, biking, fishing, swimming at Easley Hot Springs, various games, team-building activities, crafts, and bible teaching. 

Three age groupings are offered. Students at crossover ages may attend either or both camps.

Teen Camp   -   Grades 6-12
June 20-25               $250

Kids Camp    -   Grades 3-6
June 27-July 1           $200

Due to shortage of program staff, we have combined the Jr High and Sr High ages into one 'Teen Camp'
occuring June 20-25. 

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 Bring the family, youth group, church group, or just yourself to help with winterizing and maintenance projects at the camp and Easley. 

Skilled labor is always appreciated, but no expertise is needed. Everyone can help!

There is no cost. Cabins and food are provided. Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult. 

Please click the banner and let us know you are coming so we can plan accordingly.

Students can earn up to $30 credit towards Fall & Winter Camps .

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Youth Fall Rally

6-12th Grades    $80

Teens will enjoy a weekend of Bible teaching, indoor and outdoor activities, and building friendships with other youth. 

Take a break from everyday life and explore eternal hope in Jesus with us!


Begins Friday 7:30pm and ends Sunday noon.

2021 Events Calendar

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